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Patented Technology

1 - We have developed small peptides for the rapid differentiation of PSCs to neural progenitor cells (NPCs) without the need for expensive growth factors. NPCs can be isolated from PSCs within 5 days, they maintain multipotency over prolonged passages and can generate all neural lineages.

2 - This technology enables the culture of human and mouse pluripotent stem cells as a single-cell suspension, using an inhibitor of the cell surface protein E-cadherin, to allow cost-effective bulk culture of the cells.


Decade of research findings exemplifying technology principles with prosperity methods and protocols, including:

  • Building patient biobanks
  • Neural differentiation for disease models
  • Assay development and HCS drug screening
  • Scalable cellular models
  • In-silico modelling

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iPSC AD neurons isolated from AD patients identify novel compounds using HCS drug screening.